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objectives Al Jazeera Holding Company aims at benefiting from the prevailing boom in the overall economy in the entire GCC and the Arab World. On this account there are vast investment opportunities and a positive foresight of rewards and great returns.

Al Jazeera Holding Company can accomplish these objects by:

• Adopting a specific and clear investment policy in various scopes with high growth rates and limited risks.

• Contribute and acquire investments that have moderate internal return rates which suits the expectations of the company.

• Direct investment with its various branches, including the ownership of special shares and listed or unlisted initial offering.

• Contribute in the establishment of companies with clear, applicable and separable working plans.

• Provide the path to continuous development in the scope of its activities by studies and researches and follow up of all new enterprises hereof.

• Establishment and execution of large scale projects in all the fields whether local or in the Gulf level.
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